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Our Story

Mr. Prashant Sakpal founded Prashant Corner in Thane in the year 1989 to provide Authentic | Pure | Delicious, Sweets and Savories. His determination, originality and years of passion for food and consumer taste allowed him to create this distinguished brand in Maharashtra, a treat that is adored by all.

Carrying on his legacy and dreams, he started by himself taste of the ethnic and wide range of sweets and Savories, specifically mouthwatering Indian Sweets.

Prashant Corner brand specializes in Sweets, Savories & Namkeen & Fresh Snacks by maintaining high standards of hygienic practices and culinary quality.

Prashant Corner is famous for its authentic taste of purity. The mithai artists have mastered the recipes, packaging, and procedures via expertise and talent. Every day, Prashant Corner mold sweets in a clean, cutting-edge facility to give a visible level of freshness that customers can feel, taste, and appreciate. Each bite is prepared using only the finest, most carefully chosen ingredients available nationwide. Every Product produced at Prashant Corner is manufactured in a State-of-the art partly automated Mithai Factory supervised under highly professional team. Prashant Corner has 12 Stores across Thane, Bhiwandi, Kalyan and Navi Mumbai.

Prashant Corner is famous for its festival sweets, right from Sankranti, Ganpati Modak Festival, Gudi Padwa, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas and many more. Our entire team delivers the best festival treats, capturing the perfect mood of every festival, so experience & enjoy our festival treats.

The distinct features of the Company that form its strengths are.

  • Hygienic conditions are maintained throughout the process of manufacture.
  • Stringent inspection and monitoring to prevent any form of adulteration.
  • Pure ingredients sourced and used in manufacture.
  • Dust free environment
  • Healthcare and Worker's hygiene forming one of our top priorities.
  • Friendly attitudes and politeness make up our customer relations.
  • Continuous process for design & developing the business.
  • The value of our heritage in preserving product quality
  • Corporate strategies to acquire greater market share